Over the past 20 years I have gained a tremendous amount of satisfaction in working closely with people to help them clearly identify the obstacles in their path and help them overcome these obstacles.


Sometimes we see our problems as overwhelming and insurmountable. I work with people to help them breakdown these problems to the point that they see that resolution is achievable. It's by teaming up with my clients that this can be accomplished.

Life is not always easy, sometimes a little bit of help is all we need.


Please call and schedule an interview at no charge - 978-304-0572

Dianne Ouellette, MSW, LICSW

25 Donovans Way

Middleton MA 01949

Phone: (978) 304-0572


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I believe everyone's life is a journey in pursuit of happiness. In this pursuit we all have choices to make and obstacles to overcome. If you have made your way here you have undoubtedly reached an obstacle in your journey that you require assistance to overcome. Please allow me to help you find a resolution to this obstacle.

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