I started college as a business major but soon realized that my passion was for working with people and not numbers. I was drawn to the field of psychology and social work.  


While working on my degree in psychology I went to work as a counselor in a group home for adolescents. I helped these kids deal with self esteem issues, stress and depression, physical, mental and sexual abuse and other emotional issues. My daily interactions with these adolescents fostered in me a desire to do more. I went on to bringing into my home several foster kids many of whom still are a part of my life.


During this time several family members and friends began the long road into infertility and adoption. My first hand experiences along with further studies and dealings in the subject of infertility and adoption has enabled me to be an informed and understanding therapist in the field.


I continued my studies and obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work. It was during my graduate studies that I went on to expand my knowledge of the transgender community through research projects and case studies. I continue to broaden my transgender knowledge through my clients, readings, conferences and trainings.


While in graduate school I was employed by the state of MA as a social worker. During this time my focus was on the safeguarding of children and adolescents. After some time I opted to broaden my therapeutic background by obtaining a counseling position with a private family counseling agency. While at by this agency I worked with children, adolescents, and adults. I have dealt with issues of depression, stress, abuse, gender issues as well many other issues.


I went to open my own practice and every day I looks forward to to working with and helping my clients. I can truly say that I love my work.


Please call and schedule an interview at no charge - 978-304-0572.

Dianne Ouellette, MSW, LICSW

25 Donovans Way

Middleton MA 01949

Phone: (978) 304-0572


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Over the past 20 years I have had the good fortune of working in a field that I really love. Every day I look forward to going to work. It is a privilege to be able to make a difference in someone's life, to help them make their life just a little bit better.